I’ve just come across Jeweller Andrew English’s ‘Fingerprint Wedding Rings’, which are handmade wedding/engagement rings made to commission and engraved with the fingerprint of each lover’s fingerprint, making them “completely unique to each couple”.

As Fingerprint Rings, and indeed, Fingerprint Jewellery are actually generally quite a common type of jewellery design, I don’t usually take too much notice despite my research field, however these particular rings caught my eye. As the fingerprint (ring) of the individual in concern is not actually worn by they themselves but instead, by their partner, the rings intrigued me as to their potential use in DVI. If recovered after a disaster, would these rings be more or less useful in identifying their owner due to the fact the fingerprint engraved is not that of the person whom it is/was worn by? Nevertheless, it could still be useful for linking the individual to being the partner of their loved one - in addition to the fact that the rings are handmade to commission and thus potentially highly traceable both to the jeweller and the original customer (as may be the case with all ‘fingerprint’ jewellery, however). 

Just a thought, really. The literal/physical identification possibilities of ‘Fingerprint’ jewellery is yet, to the best of my knowledge, to be tested practically. Whether it would be a worthwhile avenue to explore or not remains to be seen.